For many years Armils has been providing engineering systems and solutions at all levels of complexity to its clients. We work only with trusted European brands to ensure that our clients only receive the highest quality solutions.

When executing construction projects, time is of essence. It is unpleasant to stop the whole process because of one missing detail. We understand how important time is to our clients when a part is needed because of a problem on site, and we are ready to find the needed part and get it to any place on the planet in the shortest time possible. We handle the whole process from finding the part to developing the logistical chain that brings it to where it needs to be.

Our management and product quality abides to the highest international standards. The best experts in the field, a modern business model and high quality project management ensures the quality of our services. Among Armils’ clients are some of Europe’s and Russia’s largest construction companies.

We are constantly expanding our range of products, attracting new partners and producers, increasing inventory and ensuring security of supply. We work every day towards innovation to create the basis for reliable cooperation.

Trust us to take care of the reliability of your engineering systems!